Lakk eller foliering beskytter og høyner kvaliteten på din trykksak/omslag. Ved å benytte UV-lakk eller foliering får du også trykksakene til å skille seg ut i mengden. Foliering, lakkering av hele trykksaken eller deler, vil gi produksjonen din et eksklusivt uttrykk. Egner seg for alt fra visittkort, prospekter, omslag, mapper osv. Vi har lang erfaring og kunnskap innenfor disse områdene, og hjelper deg gjerne med råd og vink.


The GMP Qtopic-380 POD Laminator is the very latest solution from world-renowned Laminating Machine Manufacturer, GMP. The Qtopic-380 is designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for short-run, on-demand digital applications as well as the more traditional litho outputs. The Qtopic-380 series also has the ability to create Sleeking™ effects direct from the box, the built-in re-winder enables holographic images and foils to be applied to your sheet without any special skills or tools.


  • Using household power supply (220~240V).
  • Environmentally-friendly Thermalami® system.
  • Perfect for a wide range of lamination:   POLYNEX (BOPP base) film, NYLONEX (NYLON base) film, PERFEX (PET base) film
  • Space-effective compact design for office, copy shop and photo shop.
  • Automatic paper feeding gap control system and automatic burst cutting system.
  • Film tension control device and decurling device are equipped.
  • Capacitive touch screen.
  • Sleeking™ solution and Micronex lamination with re-winder unit: Gloss, Matt, Hologram, Metallic film & Micronex (overlay coating) laminating film
  • Air compressor included.


  • Poster, Pop-up sign, Menu, Book cover & jacket, Photographs, Photo album, Name card, Gift certificate, Label (Micronex Lamination), Greeting Cards / Year book


GMP Qtopic-380

The Protopic series is designed to deliver quick and professional results every time. These robust machines are ideal for busy copy shops and print shops, providing exquisite lamination results without bubbling. This durable collection of machines are easy to use, providing speedy results, simply. Perfect for print media specialists dealing with book covers, file covers, postcards and pamphlets. Perfect for embossing or laminating digital print media, this laminator is built to last.

GMP Protopic III

  • High glossy chrome roller with excellent durability.
  • Laminating roller with high pressure by pneumatic cylinder for strong adhesion lamination. 
  • Dual perforating (film and in-line).
  • Double slitting knives. 
  • Air compressor and low noise vacuum pump included.
  • Automatic gap adjustment for feeding paper.
  • Equipped rewinder for various application of sleeking jobs.
  • Easy use with cantilever film shaft and bidirectional combi core adaptor.

GMP Protopic Auto

  • Environmentally-friendly Thermalami® system.
  • Perfect lamination for whole kinds of substrates without bubbles.
  • Six patterns of embossing rollers (for Dual version).
  • Space effective design for offices and small areas. 
  • Automatic paper feeding gap control system and automatic burst cutting system. 
  • Film tension adjustment device and decurling device are equipped. 
  • Air cooling system with an air compressor for perfect photo matting effect (for Dual Photo version).
  • Capacitive touch screen.
GMP Protopic Series


Spot UV printing raises the printed page up to a whole new level. It creates a digital emboss and heightens the senses and engages who ever receives the printed application, in a way that until recently, was out of the price range of most commercial printers. The easy-to-use Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater, with its compact design, makes it possible for the majority of printers to offer a highly profitable digital embellishment service to their customers. 

The compact Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater provides the quality of digital embossing you expect from a professional Spot UV printer. By utilising Duplo's proven feeding technologies and Windows based GUI, setup times are limited and the first sheet printed is sellable. The 600dpi inkjet heads enable you to digitally embellish a huge varity of printed applications such as brochures, business cards, greetings cards, invitation, certificates, the list is endless. 

High definition Spot UV digital embossing

  • Design-driven, raised spot UV solution
  • Accurate image-to-image registration
  • Fast-tracked delivery and installation
Duplo DuSense